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Advancements in Glaucoma Surgery: A Glimpse into the Future

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Glaucoma is a severe eye condition that occurs when there is increased eye pressure, known as intraocular pressure. Interestingly, this increased pressure is closely linked to various factors, including sleep patterns (The Link Between Glaucoma & Sleep). Left unchecked, elevated eye pressure can impair your vision permanently but advancements in surgical techniques have been providing great results in managing glaucoma and preserving eyesight.

At New Era Eyecare, we prioritize effective glaucoma management across our 5 Virginia locations, including Sterling and Arlington. You’re welcome to contact us for an appointment at either location.

Below, we explore the latest advancements that promise to further improve treatment and enhance patient results.

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Advancement 1: Drug-Based Delivery System

When treating glaucoma, patient compliance with medication is crucial. To address this challenge, Spyglass merges cataract surgery with glaucoma medication through a drug-based delivery system.

By gradually releasing medication over a period of 3 years, this system offers a significant advantage compared to traditional methods. The extended duration of action provided by the SpyGlass drug-based delivery system ensures long-lasting effectiveness, reducing the need for frequent medication administration. This groundbreaking approach aims to benefit all ophthalmologists by enhancing patient adherence to treatment and ultimately leading to better surgical outcomes.

Advancement 2: Intraocular Pressure Sensors

Accurate monitoring of intraocular pressure (IOP) is vital for effectively managing glaucoma and preventing serious eye diseases. A potential breakthrough in this area comes from Injectsense's surgically implanted intraocular pressure sensors. These small four-millimeter sensors can be easily placed during a quick office procedure, providing decades of reliable data on IOP levels.

With the convenience of cloud connectivity, doctors can access the recorded IOP readings and promptly adjust treatment plans as needed. This technological advancement optimizes control over this critical parameter, leading to more precise and personalized glaucoma management.

You can contact any of our offices, particularly in Alexandria and Alexandria-Old Town, to schedule an appointment and learn more.

Advancement 3: Enhanced Goniotomy Techniques

Goniotomy, commonly performed with cataract surgery, aims to improve aqueous outflow in glaucoma patients.

The T-Rex Duo technique brings a revolutionary approach by precisely opening both the inner and back walls of Schlemm's canal. This advancement maximizes fluid flow through the collector channels, resulting in enhanced surgical precision.

Advancement 4: Innovative Tube Shunts

Tube shunts are essential for managing glaucoma, and recent innovations like the VisiPlate and the Gore GDI concept are making them even better. The VisiPlate is an incredibly thin shunt, only five micrometers thick, that helps regulate eye pressure without causing low pressure. It has a special covering and multiple channels that create a gentle, widespread bubble under the eyelid.

On the other hand, the Gore GDI concept uses a thinner material called ePTFE, which allows tissues to grow around it and ensures proper flow of fluid in the eye. These advancements in tube shunts greatly improve the effectiveness and safety of glaucoma management for patients.

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Glaucoma Management in Clifton, VA

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1. How can I find a glaucoma eye doctor near me?

At New Era Eye Care, we have five locations across Virginia where you can find glaucoma experts. Schedule an appointment with us at any of our locations near you to receive committed care for your glaucoma needs. We’re also available to discuss new and advanced treatment options.

2. What should I expect during a glaucoma surgery consultation?

During a glaucoma surgery consultation, your eye doctor will perform a comprehensive examination to assess the severity of your condition. They will have a detailed conversation with you about your different treatment options, and any potential risks and expected outcomes.