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Pediatric Eye Exams at New Era Eyecare

Clear vision and healthy eyes are an essential part of a child’s physical and emotional development, success in school and overall ability to thrive.

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Success in School and Your Child's Vision

Optometric professionals estimate that a full 80% of everything your child will learn in school will depend on their ability to see what's going on in the classroom. If your child can't see what's written on the board or the demonstrations given by the teacher at the front of the classroom seem blurry, it may be time to come into New Era Eyecare.

Don't Let Your Child's Poor Vision Hold Them Back

A full 1 out of every 10 children has at least one visual issue that makes it difficult for them to learn in the classroom or successfully participate in extracurricular activities. When searching for solutions to a child's difficulty in school, these vision problems often go undetected, leading to a misdiagnosis of “learning difficulties” or “ADHD."

If your child is being treated for ADHD, and you don't think it's helping, bring them into New Era Eyecare for a reevaluation of their vision. You may be surprised at what we find!

Don’t wait until your child is already in school and struggling to read, see the board, or play sports.

At New Era Eyecare, we have the clinical knowledge and expertise to identify vision issues early on and intervene before the problems affect different areas of your children’s lives.

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School Vision Screenings vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children

Many parents don't realize that the vision screening their child has at school isn't equipped to check for everything their child needs to be successful in school.

School vision screenings are good for detecting basic abnormalities or shortcomings in your child's vision, and can tell if their vision is 20/20 or not. However, these screenings are not equipped to detect deeper issues, such as deficiencies in visual skills like visual tracking, convergence/divergence, or visual processing. Nor will a vision screening be able to detect signs of eye diseases such as glaucoma.

By comparison, our Clifton eye care clinic has all the latest optometry equipment and technology to test for problems with visual skills and signs of disease. If any issues are discovered, we are equipped to offer treatment to correct them as well.

To ensure good vision and proper eye health development, your child should have a comprehensive eye exam with us at least once per year.

What is Assessed During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

The New Era Eyecare optometrist will perform a thorough internal and external eye health evaluation. The optometrist will use specialized, age-appropriate instruments, testing procedures, and technologies that provide accurate results.

The pediatric eye exam evaluates the following:

  • Eye Focusing
  • Depth Perception
  • Color Perception
  • Eye Tracking
  • Eye Muscle Teaming
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Near Visual Acuity
  • Distance Visual Acuity

How Often Should a Child Have an Eye Exam?

Children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. This helps ensure that your baby's eyes and vision are developing properly, which is also key for proper gross- and fine-motor development. If there are no issues, your child's eyes should be examined again at age 3 and at around age 5.

Once your child starts school, they should have a comprehensive back-to-school exam, ideally before the start of each school year.

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Glasses for Kids

Does your child need prescription glasses? New Era Eyecare has a wide variety of age-appropriate and safe options. We carry styles, shapes, and colors that appeal to children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to tweens and late teens. Our amazing selection of frames for children is inspired by adult trends but with a fun and imaginative flair and a pediatric fit in mind.

Do your kids play sports, such as basketball, football, or baseball? Eyeglasses and sports goggles for children can help them see during the game and protect their eyes from impacts and other sports injuries.

At New Era Eyecare, we have eyewear for every child and teen, no matter their features or preferences.

All of our frames are comfortable, durable, and made with kid-friendly materials.

Let Your Child Experience The Freedom of Contact Lenses

For children who dislike how they look in glasses, contact lenses could be the confidence booster they need.

Contact lenses enhance the natural color of the eye, for a more vibrant look. Your child will feel more confident and ready to take on the world!

They’ll also enjoy having the freedom of not worrying about losing or breaking glasses, and may participate in activities that they weren’t able to before.

Give your child the gift of clear and comfortable vision, and schedule their contact lens fitting with New Era Eyecare today!

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Your Child Deserves the Best Eye Care

New Era Eyecare is proud of the work we do ensuring that children's eyes and eyesight remain in the best shape possible all through their school-age years. Our experienced team works diligently to ensure that infants, children, tweens and teens are able to see and learn about the world around them thanks to the excellent vision we help them achieve.

Make your child's eyes and vision a priority. Visit New Era Eyecare in Clifton for a comprehensive pediatric eye exam that will ensure your child's vision and eyes are up to the task of learning every day. Let us bring great eye health and vision care to you and your family for many years to come.

New Era Eyecare is dedicated to serving patients from in and around Clifton.

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    Our optometrists are proud providers of InfantSEE. This program ensures your child starts life off with great vision by offering one free eye exam to children aged 6 months to 1 year.
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    Your child's vision is their primary window into the world around them. Make sure they enjoy healthy eyes and crystal-clear vision so that they can learn and thrive in school and in extracurricular activities.