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Children’s Sports Eyewear in Clifton

Many games involve jabs, pokes, and pushes from other players’ fingers or elbows. Whizzing balls and swinging rackets are another health threat, as well as damaging UV rays from the sun.

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Specialty Eyeglasses for Active Kids

Eyeglasses for sports can make the difference between injury and a mediocre score, versus an outstanding and safe performance on the playing field! With active kids, eye injuries are common. A 2001 study conducted by Prevent Blindness America showed that the highest rates of eye injuries happen between the ages of 5 and 14, with over 30,000 ocular injuries occurring annually due to sports!

To help keep your kids’ delicate eyes and face protected, we offer an extensive selection of sports eyewear at New Era Eyecare. Please stop in to look for the most appropriate protective eyeglasses for your child in our offices in Clifton.

Customized Eyewear for Any Game

Nowadays, specialty frames are the mark of a true athlete! Sports eyewear gives status to any player or team member. Constructed in a range of shapes, eyeglasses and goggles for sports are made to match the particular needs of each respective game. Many designs are formed to fit comfortably into helmets, such as for baseball, hockey or football. A variety of lens tints, anti-reflective coatings and photochromic lenses are also available to enhance eyesight under different environmental conditions. We’ll help fit your child with the ideal frames and lenses to grant a cutting-edge in her preferred sport!

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Tough Materials for Protective Eyeglasses

Lenses are generally composed of polycarbonate, which is impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and highly durable. Providing crisp and clear vision with no fear of breakage, polycarbonate lenses will keep your child seeing clearly and safely. With rubber padding that coats every point of the glasses that connects with your kid’s face, secure coverage is provided. Statistics estimate that over 90% of all eye injuries could be protected with suitable eyewear. While injury is always a risk with any sport, specialty kids’ eyewear helps to minimize the risk significantly.

Specialty Sports Eyeglasses Need a Perfect Fit

Sports goggles and sports eyewear come in many sizes for many shape faces. While parents may be enticed by the idea of buying too-large frames that will last through their kid’s next growth spurt, we strongly discourage this. Your child’s eyes and sensitive skin won’t be protected sufficiently by eyewear that doesn’t fit right. Eye injuries due to hits or trauma to the face cannot be prevented by glasses that aren’t cushioned right.

Additionally, no child will keep a pair of poorly fitting, uncomfortable eyewear on his face for long. With blind spots caused by frames in his peripheral vision, he won’t be able to see well and will likely toss the eyeglasses on the sidelines. Keep in mind that sports eyeglasses must be reevaluated annually by our professional optical team to ensure that the facial padding is snug (but not too tight!) and that eyes are centered in the lenses.

We invite you to bring your child to our Clifton optometry office to tell us about your favorite sports. Our optometry team is waiting to fit you with the ultimate sports eyewear for quality protection and a winning performance!

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