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Transition Lenses

Transitions® Lenses Optical, Inc. has developed the world's most advanced photochromic lens technology—the ability of a lens to darken in the presence of invisible UV light.

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Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions.
Responding to the light around you, they intelligently change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return indoors.

Transitions Signature GEN 8 is the latest innovation offering the best overall photochromic lens.

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Original Transitions Lenses

Original Transitions lenses are designed to meet the needs of the majority of those who appreciate the value of eyewear offering adaptive lens technology. With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, original Transitions lenses quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor conditions, offering a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.

  • Changes from clear indoors to dark outdoors
  • Clear as an ordinary clear lens indoors and at night
  • Blocks 100% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Available in Gray or Brown
  • Compatible with leading frame brands and styles

Transitions Signature Gen8

  • Offering a new frontier of performance returns to clear faster than ever and even darker outdoors
  • The best protection for your eyes against UV light and harmful blue light
  • Adapts seamlessly to any lighting letting you enjoy a hassle-free life
  • Available in 3 iconic colours and 4 vibrant Style Colours


    Filters blue light indoors and outdoors
    For optimal visual performance
    Clear lenses indoors and tinted lenses when out in the sun
    Tinted lenses in the sun for comfortable vision
    Protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays
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Transitions® XTRActive

Transitions® Xtractive is the first lens with a light-activated tint that works behind a windscreen in a car. When indoors they have a comfortable, slight tint to shield your eyes from strain caused by harsh indoor lighting.


Ideal for active outdoor lifestyles and those who drive frequently.

  • Extra dark in bright sunlight and hotter climates
  • A hint of tint protects eyes from harsh indoor light


  • Activation inside a car
  • Block 100% of UV rays

Transitions & SOLFX Sunwear Products

Transitions® Lenses SOLFX sun lenses are high-performance sunwear specifically designed for outdoor use. Traditional sunwear remains the same level of darkness regardless of the level of sunlight. This is why in certain situations some sunglasses can seem too dark, while other situations the same pair may not seem dark enough.

Transitions® Lenses SOLFX sun lenses self-adjust, changing the level of darkness with the changing amount of sunlight so you can see better, look great and perform at your best.

  • Sun lenses that adjust from dark to darker depending on the sun
  • Offers a variety of colors and tint ranges by outdoor need
  • Multiple unique product offerings designed for specific outdoor activities.
  • Blocks 100% of sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Compatible with many frame brands and styles to create custom look
  • Available in prescription and non-prescription.
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Transitions Vantage

The First and Only Everyday Photochromic Lenses with Variable Polarisation.

Clear lenses that darken have been around for a long time. Sunglasses with polarisation have also existed for a long time, but Transitions Vantage marks a new era in eyewear. Transitions Vantage eyeglass lenses both darken and polarise in bright, outdoor light.

That means, as Transitions® Vantage™ lenses get darker, vision gets crisper, sharper and more vivid. While glare is reduced in even the brightest outdoor conditions.


  • Block 100% of UV rays
  • Fit any prescription and frame
  • Suitable for any age including children


  • They adapt to indirect light – such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces.
  • Fully clear indoors and at night
  • Fast fade back speed

Transitions For Kids

Did you know?

Parents are twice as likely to protect their own eyes compared to their children’s eyes, yet 80% of UV damage happens during childhood and adolescence.

Transitions for kids comes with enhanced protection when compared to other ‘children’s’ lenses. With two product package offerings: Standard or Premium, parents can rest easy knowing that their child’s eyes are protected all day.

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  • Indoors, outdoors, day and night—while working, reading, playing or just kicking back with family or friends, your life is unique. And uniquely busy. In a perfect world, your everyday lenses would help you see better, feel better and look better; all while protecting your eyes day-in and day-out.