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Dr. Adair and his staff are excellent. I am now taking my entire family to see him. He is great with kids. The staff was very helpful when picking out glasses. Oscar was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Adair.
1 month ago
- Eileen E.
I received top notch care here during the 2020 holidays in the pandemic. It's small, but professional. Proper social distancing, very well sanitized between patients and the appointment was incredibly hassle free. Plus, no eye puff machine! I hate that thing! No anxiety with the appointment (as the only thing I get anxiety with eye appointments is that darn eye puffer!). The doctor was incredibly attentive and knowledgeable with my exam and my other concerns with eye health. They even provided me with a few special medical eye wipes for free until I could order some for myself through Amazon. After the exam and I received a new prescription, a staff member was super helpful with the wide array of glasses selection! She was very helpful and knew a lot about the glasses and what sort would work best for me and my lifestyle. They also sanitize every pair of glasses after trying them on prior to placing them back on display. Due to the holidays, I was told to expect 3-4 weeks before my new glasses came in, but they arrived less than 2 weeks (which is the normal wait time). So happy with my new glasses! Thank you! Highly recommend!
2 months ago
- Cinnamon T.
(Translated by Google) They speak Spanish??? (Original) Hablan español???
2 months ago
- Claudia M.
I had a pretty good experience here. The doctor and the whole staff was excellent. They had great customer service. May just make this my primary eye care.
2 months ago
- Shiv P.
Dr. Adair takes his time and has my trust. On my recent visit the staff was welcoming and doing a very good job. Most pleasant visit.
2 months ago
- Susan T.
Dr Adair and his staff are very knowledgeable. They are very friendly and kind. They also try to do every thing to help in any way they can. I love the entire staff and Dr Adair is amazing.
3 months ago
- Arlene D.
My family and I been coming here to have our eyes exam for a number of years now. Years ago when my wife had corrective surgery (similary to lasik), this was where she went for the next few follow ups. When I needed to have eye exam and was not happy with places like Lens Crafter and other optometry, my wife recommended I tried New Era Eyecare. I've been coming back there since. Recently, I went there recently to have eyes exam and replacement of reading glasses. My optometrist was very thorough. He showed me the result of my retina now and compared it to how it was two years ago. I saw the big improvement life style changes made. Though my reading vision is slightly worse than before, but that is due to age and nothing more. Based on the type of work that I do and how often I look at my phone and iPad, they recommended the proper type of lens I need to minimize eyes strain. They and my wife even help me find the best frame for me. Their customer service is truly second to none. I have bought prescription reading glasses from other places that claimed to have high quality lens. To be honest, the quality of the lens and even the accuracy of the lens from other places don't come close. I pay more at New Era, but I know what I'm getting and the quality is truly second to none.
3 months ago
- James N.